May 11, 2010

Tanglin Nasi Lemak

Usually on Sunday I'll be going to Bangsar night market as they have everything you need under one roof. At the same time, I will find place to sit with friends and enjoy our dinner together. Nasi Lemak Tanglin got my attention when I got out from my car as their signboard is in black and gold color, so I decided to go there for my dinner and here is the story of Tanglin. Tanglin was set up way back in the 40s near by the Masjid Negara where they can sell up to 33kg's of nasi lemak per day. Now with the demand of nasi lemak, Tanglin has open few branches in klang valley to cater to the needs of their customers who travel as far as JB and Singapore. Not only 33kg's of nasi lemak but is 118kg's per day now. You can imagine how high the demand for this delicious nasi lemak - but sadly there are some lack off from the original stall (maybe) or they have grown too commercial. This review is based on personal taste-bud. Enjoy!

The Storyboard
The Inside Deco
The Menu
From inside view out
The Tanglin Nasi Lemak - Simply OK! But the chicken is not at the best condition
Asam Boi Juice - Colorful
Soto - Didn't meet the expectation
Cucuk Kedok - too oily

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taufulou said...

aiyooo... its so so only money then~