May 6, 2010


2D1Night is a bit rush in this state but it was a relaxing escape. Will be visiting again if there is an opportunity. Till then, enjoy some of the pix which was taken during the rush rush....

The Macau Express
Portuguese Egg Tart - no MSG wow!
The Delicious Yummy Baked Chicken
The Tempting Menu
The View of the shop
Portuguese Baked 1/2 Chicken Rice/Mee
Portuguese Egg Tart - Nice :p
Baked Chicken Chop Rice - Yum Yum!
Merry Go-round
Calming Kampung House
The Stall
Bubur Nasi with Fried Kangkong
Bubur Nasi Ingredients
Ice Kacang - Delicious!
Mee Bandung from it's original state
Nasi Ayam Penyet


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knp pulak JB.... tak le NS ke MLK? hahhaa