November 29, 2011

Tong Pak Fu @ KLCC

It has been a while since my last visit to KLCC – this premium shopping centre has changed drastically with new outlets here and there. No doubt KLCC is the best place for dining, shopping, entertainment and leisure - all under one roof. The first thing that catches my attention when I came up from the parking is the dessert shop called Tong Pak Fu. I’m very surprised to see this shop as I just watched it on Ho Chiak program over the weekend and understand the outlet is located at Sunway Ginza. Without second thought I insisted to go for a try after our lunch at Little Penang at Level 4. Here is the review of my time spent at Tong Pak Fu.

Above: Overview of the dessert house - simply and colorful

Tong Pak Fu is the Cantonese homophone of Tang Bo Hu, a famous Ming Dynasty scholar. The ice blocks are made of 100% pure fruit juices without any artificial colourings or flavours. Tong Pak Fu aspires to brand its shaved ice as a premium dessert and hopes it will be a popular choice just like the traditional Chinese tong sui, a classic dessert in Cantonese cuisine. And there are plenty to choose from. Tong Pak Fu offers 45 hot and cold desserts.

Above: The colorful menu - simply irresistible
Tracka Durian Snow Ice - One is not enough - go for 2 instead!

Two offerings – the milo snow ice and the D24 Tracka durian snow ice – were concocted for Malaysian palates.

Mango Sago - Yummy!!!

Tong Pak Fu - the award winning dessert from Hong Kong - Just wish they could have more outlets!

Tong Pak Fu, KLCC
Ltot C15F, Concourse Floor
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: Mon - Sun: 10 am - 10 pm

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