May 13, 2010

Eat and Got Kidnapped

Wed in KL: off work to One Utama for a leisure time but ended up I got headache and neck pain. Lucky I had my dinner before the show at Otak-Otak 1U, the first restaurant for the flagship. The design of the restaurant is pretty similar but the one at Boulevard Puchong is much more cozy. They have added-on variety of Malaysian delights into their menu list, so you can expect more delicious food when you visit them (if have chance). Here are a few dishes I ordered and they are OK. See you in next post!

The Restaurant View
Counter View
Bicycle is their signature
Something fun in the menu book
New Menu Book
Ais Kacang - Nice with a lot of ingredients
Roti Jala - Nice as the roti is fresh but the curry is far behind
Rojak - Quite Ok, the best is the fried Taufu that they included in
BBQ Chicken Rice - OK!
Deserved only 2 stars from me
you'll get headache after watching, personal encounter


Lavender said...

I ate there before and we played the "Happy Family" cards.

ksc:nick said...

cool dear, you seem everywhere ya :)
wish you have lovely sunday!