May 17, 2010

KLCC | Elm Street | Bangsar

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

First I was at KLCC for the Johnson & Johnson body care lotion care launch. It was packed with media and guests at the concourse area even before the show begin. Both designers (PU3 & CO) done a good job and the fashion show was just fantastic. To know more how to win a dress by the participate designers please log on to Good Luck!

The very next day I was int he cinema watching A Nightmare on Elm Street, a remake of 1984 classic featuring horro icon Freddy. The remake start with a fairly impressive opening scene with some dude named Dean is sitting in a diner, trying to stay awake, when Freddy enters the scene. I had high expectation in this movie but it wasn't very scary. It just isn't good enough and fun anymore for those who know him better. But as you may know Haley has been contracted for two more movies after this one. Fingers crossed hope they do something better after this one... just 2 stars for me.

After the good then boring moment days before, finally I had my delicious time at Bangsar as I managed to eat my fav carrot cake and the new spicy buffalo wings - yum yum! The pix can tell you that they are delicious and they want you to have a bite. Go and have a try if you are around the corner. Till then....

New - Cup Cake in the House
American Menu
Carrot Cake
Spicy Buffalo Wings
A Nightmare on Elm Street
The stage
The concourse overview
The concourse overview

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