May 31, 2010

My Farewell!

Time flies as yesterday was my last day at work.... here are some of the time spent with my lovely colleague and friends for my farewell meal at different location and time. People always said "life goes on" no matter what happens, so I take it very positive as I need a short break to rejuvenate and back in town for another phrase of my life. Till then...

Michelangelo - Pavilion

Mushroom Soup - Very Creamy yet super Yummy!
Chicken Spaghetti - very delicious
Beef Bacon Spaghetti - too much bacon but delicious
Tiramisu - small portion but very creamy,not enough for me :)
Strawberry Pudding - very milky, just so-so
TGIF - Pavilion

Cheese Ball - very cheese, yum yum
Grilled Chicken - does not look like one...taste wired
Sizzling Chicken with Shrimp - the shrimp is not cook, the rest OK!
Shrimp Spaghetti - not nice
Sneakers Chocolate - sucks!
Ayam Madu - Simply delicious!
Fried Cabbage - normal
Fried Chicken - nice
Curry Fish Head - Wa Lau HO CHIAK!
Papadom - too oily
Cake - not too bad


Robin Tew said...

wow farewell like a real Queen...anyway wish u all the best and I know you will not loose out leaving this current job of yours! tetap glam, meletups dan naikan sanggul always! weet weet hurray weet weet hurray!

ksc:nick said...

wow wow wow.... what a statement...
btw, i have to bow to you too QUEEN of all Queens