May 11, 2010

Dine like a Prince

It has been nearly a year yet I still can't resist to enjoy the food here at Prince with friends and family members. Be it Chinese, Japanese or Western or buffet I like em' all. Here are some of the pix I took while I have the chance. If you love Dim Sum, you should come by on weekend and during public holidays for all you can eat Dim Sum. Not to forget their Yin Yang Prawn going at RM1++ per dish at their Chinese restaurant. Beside Chinese, you may want to check out the Japanese food - for variety and value too :) Named it Power Lunch or Tempura Joy, they have it all under one roof. Do flip your wings further and try our their Eccucino restaurant, Terrace by the Pool and Mezzanine bar and lounge for vairety of F&B. Enjoy the pix - as the pix will tell you how delicious the food are at Prince and for more info you may want to call up 603-2170 8888 or for latest promotions.

Shrimp Dim Sum with Mayonnaise
Shrimp Dim Sum - order more pls :)
Another Shrimp Dim Sum - Yum Yum
Shrimp Dim Sum - ahhh I can't resist to have more
Fried Fish in a salad bowl - have yet to try
Fried Dim Sum
Yin Yang Prawn - MUST HAVE!
On promotion now, RM1++ per dish
Fried Noodle
Fried Fish Thai Style - Delicious
Fried Poh Piah
Fried Dumpling
Shrimp Dim Sum
Hot Almond - delicious based on rating, just not my cup of tea
Strawberry Dessert
Mango Pamelo with Ice Cream - Fav!
Another Dessert
Best Tempura
Fried Dumplings
Sushi Salad

Different kinds of rolls - signature dish

California Roll
Yummy Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Beans


lavender said...

wow, I went there before for buffet lunch. The spread is different but still very tasty.

ksc:nick said...

dear, no matter how different, they always taste deliciously :)