May 29, 2010

Prince for a Day

It was a long weekend for the whole Malaysia, and most people take the opportunity to go back hometown and short holiday. But I did not go anywhere as I just want to relax myself after what I've been thru for the past few months. I've been look forward to this movie called Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: at last I have the chance to watched it. Here are my review:

Set in the sixth century, the story involves Dastan, the adopted son of King Sharaman, who plucked the wee boy out of the streets to raise the child alongside his royal spawn, Tus and Garsiv. All grown-up and buffed-out, the man's-man prince and his brothers ransack the holy city of Alamut for alleged Weapons of Minor Destruction and come up empty-handed. Or so Dastan thinks, after swiping the aforementioned magical dagger. After he's blamed for his adopted dad's murder, Dastan and Princess Tamina flee from the scene. The couple go from hate to like to... OK, you get it. For more of "Prince of Persia" do go and check it out in cinemas near you. I wish to have the magical dagger after the movie as I wish to swipe away something which I have in mind but that is just my imagination. :)

After the movie, I should go and eat like a Prince as I would like to grown more and buffed-out like the man's-man, so without delay I went to Just Thai - where you will be treated like a Prince in a palace, yum yum.... too much imagination I guess :) The food is delicious, refer the pix below to witness for yourself.

Princess Tamina & Prince Dastan
in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
The Menu
The View of the restaurant
Some Display
Nice ambiance
Phad Thai
Red Curry Chicken with Sunny side up


Lavender said...

Lovely food.

ZoolFeekrie said...

prince of persia eh...i play the game since the first version of DOS. till Playstation comes out with 3d, so challenging and outrages is part of the thing... but it's more to a love story by the title of 'the sand of time'. BTW food delicious...