May 18, 2010

JUST McDonald's

The usual McDonald's restaurant - pix taken from McD website

This McDonald's restaurant caught my attention while we were driving around scouting for food. It's in black and white, not the usual color of McDonald's restaurant, refer above for the pic. The restaurant just stands out from the rest and you can see it even you are the the opposite direction. A double deck restaurant with an 'A' for their cleanliness, nice environment with colorful display as well as air condition is functioning well, no wonder the place is so pack. If you are around the corner, just check this black and white McDonald's. Have a great day!

The front view
The big sign board
One of the art display at the stairways
Mr McDonal @ the smoking area


taufulou said...

eh, 1st time see a MacD outlet in black colour~

BenHerman said...

Where this Mr Blogger?

ksc:nick said...

taufulou: yeah is pretty interesting the mcd

ben: is at desa pandan :) go there lol