July 20, 2011

O'Coffee Club

Whenever we are tired of walking or need a relax time after long day of shopping, we will need a cup of coffee/drink that can chill us down. There are so many cafes around town but not all of them serve good drink and great food. Anyway, recently we found out a cafe that just right at the heart of Bukit Bintang, where they serve good food, drink and fantastic service. The cafe that I meant is O’Coffee Club – The first gourmet coffee house which operated at Holland Village in 1991, Singapore has arrived at our shore.

Overview of the coffee club
Delicious Cake - I think is Ice Cream Cake
Apple Mint
I could not remember the name of this drink but it taste good!
Strawberry Lychee Ice Blended - YUM YUM!

With its own on-site coffee roasting facilities, the outlet set a new standard for world-class coffee delivery. The result was a taste that was consistently more flavourful and aromatic than its nearest rivals. For 21 years and now in Malaysia, customers have returned to the cosy establishment to enjoy their favourite cup & satisfying gourmet food.

We felt so satisfied especially on the cake that we ordered and the good service... O’Coffee Club is pretty bright during day time because of their transparent glass but you will get an exciting view during night time as it faced the main road of Jalan Bukit Bintang. O’Coffee Club is located outside UniQlo and across the main entrance of Fahrenheit 88. Will be back for more...

July 12, 2011

Baan 26

It has been a while I didn’t write and update my blog, all this due to my busy schedule at work – work is important but sometime very stress. When I'm too stress, I need time to chill, enjoy and laugh with those who are genuine. As usual, to de-stress I need food (yummy food) and plenty of time to chit chat – it all happened at Baan 26 over the weekend. Here is what I think about Baan 26 when we were there to chill out and look forward to the yummy food – indeed Baan 26 gave us the best Thai cuisine so far in KL area or I yet to discover the rest :)

Baan 26 is truly a home dining experience – Baan 26 = house of 26 in Thai. It embraces the philosophy of the essence of Home Comfort, bringing to you harmony and uncomplicated lifestyle, a perfect place for a city escape. Each menu selection is a masterpiece characterised by a modern touch of simplicity. The place gets especially busy during Friday and Saturday nights, when it is often close until late, way beyond its normal operating hours.

The Menu
Mango Sticky Rice
Our order - Yummy!!!

Thai Iced Tea - Refreshing

On the whole, the service is down-to-earth and the staffs are friendly. They will go around every now and then checking on everything whether it’s fine or if it’s not. This won’t be my first time and last visit, I have already plan to go back and try out on those that I missed out in the menu – thumbs up!!! See you soon...

July 4, 2011

Apong Guan

Penang is called “the food heaven” – simply because you can find food in every corner and they are delicious (from hawkers to restaurants to hotels - Chinese to Malay, Indian to Western) Penang is the place that you must visit when you are food lovers beside you come to the island to relax and rejuvenate.

Last week when I brought mum to specialist, I had the chance to taste the “Apom” or “Apong” (pancake) nearby which is famous, this is merely because there are only 2 stalls that selling and located on Burma Road (in front of SRJK Union). I went for Apong Guan instead of Apom Chooi due to Apong Guan is my favourite since childhood days. The Apong is made of a batter that comprises flour, corn, bananas, eggs and Mr. Guan's secret recipe.

Side view of the stall... RM0.40 ppcs
The making of the delicious Apong

Picture above courtesy by http://www.mytasteheaven.com

I do believe either you buy the Apong from Guan or Chooi the Apong is simply mouth-watering. Dont order 5 pcs/10 pcs, just go for 20 pcs/50 pcs as you cannot stop once you bite the Apong. Try it out when you are in Penang and nearby Burma Road – do be patient as you have to wait for a long time.

Picture above courtesy by http://lifeislikethat.com

Little secret that you might want to know about the Apong Guan and Apom Chooi, they are blood brothers and they might be the last line of mini apong sellers as their sons are unwilling to carry on or inherit the business.