April 13, 2010

Weekend Escape!

All these pix was taken during my last weekend escape - I planned to go somewhere for a relaxation weekend but it ended up no where while I drove out from my apartment: my mind was blank and I just drove all the way heading to north and suddenly thought of turning into Desa Park City where by I heard a lot of good news about this new township. I'm pretty impressed with the whole city as they are very peaceful even thou they are located in KL itself, check the pix below to judge yourself.

Their waterfront @ parkcity is pretty cool as you can bring your pet(s) around in the shopping complex (exepct Maxvalu). Co-incidentally I met my ex-colleague, Yvonne with her puppy Joujo - they went for walk and photo shoot, that's awesome! I wish I can be there everyday as you will feel so relax as everything seem slowing down :) After a while at Desa Park City, I drove out and heading back to town but it was a hot day and the clock showing 11:30am, gosh I can't be home as the house is hot during day time and I planned to drive my frend to a waterfall near by KL town for a scenic tour.

Then we headed to Hulu Langat for Sungai Gabai, the journey was pretty exciting as I never been there since couple of years ago - this is my 2nd time to the place but I managed to find it and it was cooling trip even thou we didn't have the chance to go for a swim at the waterfall (should plan another trip soon) You may view the pix below and I'm pretty sure you will want to join me if you like nature. Along the way back from Sungai Gabai, there are plenty of fruit stalls beside the road and we managed to stop by for a quick bite, the durian, jack fruit, fresh coconut, mango, pineapple and etc - the price is reasonable.

I can't wait for my weekend now as the Sungai Gabai fresh cooling water will be able to cure my thirst during the hot day. If you wish to get to Sungai Gabai, exit the cheras-kajang tol and keep left to Hulu Langat, there you will find your way easily as there are signboards along the way.

Desa Park City

Sungai Gabai

Food Stall along the way


Robin Tew said...

Hey Ken...Desa Park city is so nice! Btw why i didnt see you in your swimming trunk in Sungai gabai?

ksc:nick said...

gosh no one swim lol... you didn't read properly and u commented but it was nice of u!

ML said...

Wow.... its sho sho relaxing K. u shld hv strip naked n jump in... kekkeke

ksc:nick said...

y not you jump down?

- GiNN said...

siberian husky!!! I want!!!

ksc:nick said...

let's bring your dog's there jane jane :)