April 9, 2010

Otak-Otak Place

Otak-otak place first opened in 1-utama last year but I have no chance to try out till last night when I'm at IOI Boulevard looking for a place to dine. The ambiance at otak-otak was pretty cool with old days deco come modern feel. You will find yourself thinking of the good old days - a peek back to the past. The place is warm and inviting but more importantly is the food will make you want to come back for more! Their signature food is the Otak-Otak as they have 16 varieties of otak-otak dishes which would satisfy any otak-otak lover. But we go for local delicacies as we are pretty hungry - as you can see from the pix below. All food and beverages priced from RM2.50 onwards, which make it easy on the pocket as well. Go and have a try - food and memories you love at otak-otak place. www.otak-otakplace.com.my (FREE WiFi)

Curry Noodle - reasonable
Chicken Rice - So so
Nice artwork (above)
Back to old days restaurant display but enhanced with the modern touch (below x 3)

Unique right...cool bicycle display at the counter
Look carefully, is a coffee cup become lighting - pretty interesting
Old School Menu - Remember the exercise book during our school time
Mega Combo, just for Rm9.90 - Worth It!
Enlarged Menu
The Front Deco


ZoolFeekrie said...

such a wonderful place to be...and the menu is tasty too..i rather rate it top5. Wish they got delivery service..huhu ^_^

ksc:nick said...

top 5, hmmmm no la... may be top 50 restaurant :) come in more often ya, thanks for support!

RunWitMe said...

Nice! Your blog make me hungry la...

ksc:nick said...

Let's go and eat and then run with u!

ZoolFeekrie said...

i miss that part.....act not really top 5 but 5 star...if only i can dine there with u. Is this restaurant urs in charge? hehehe can i get free meal?