April 14, 2010

Tasik Indah

Welcome dish
Fresh Coconut - is COLD!
Asparagus Belachan - Hot and yummy!
Kam Heong Crab - You will bite your tongue
Marmite Chicken - I bet you will even wanna eat the plate :)

Many years back when I never have a chance to visit this lake side restaurant until last weekend whereby I had a dinner with my friend. The restaurant is halal and you will be surprise with their service and not to forget to food is yummy even thou is halal. You may not want to believe by looking at the pix above but you have to come and try it yourself. We had the captain recommendation dishes and it was way our expectation and the portion is big. The crab is a must there as most of the tables have a crab dish. I should go for fish the next time I visit them again as it looks delicious when they served the table next to us. Writting on this makes me feel hungry, arghhhh! If you plan to go around dinner time, then you don't have to call for reservation as they have plenty of seats waiting for you but if you plan to go around 8pm++ then you better be sure to call them up as people is pouring in non-stop. Bon Appetite! Tel: 603-55199388

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