April 26, 2010

Everybody's Fine

It was a quiet weekend for me as I was at home most of the time after spending a great night at Sheila's farewell a day before. My mum was in town but I didn't actually go out with her beside sending her to her friend's place at Dua Residency and sent her off to station back to Penang. She is in KL because she would like to catch up with her old friend before she (her friend) fly back to BKK for good and say hello to me :).

So I'm free for the weekend but I didn't make it to anywhere except in my room and getting bored. Suddenly I felt like watching a movie by myself but where - not the living room as I was not comfortable due to the heat as I need somewhere cozy, cinema?? no no no I'm lazy as I mentioned - at last I settled with a movie after run thru the DVD collections I owned and found out a movie called Everybody's Fine staring Robert De Niro and Drew Barrymore. The cover seem interesting - comedy during x'mas time. But it ended up this way; Ironically, Not Everybody's Fine in this, Nevertheless, Very Fine Movie! I think this movie re-affirms that adult children have no clue about "who their parents are.
In the movie, DeNiro is now alone after the death of his wife. He plans a cookout, buys a new grill, everything you can imagine to make it a perfect day for his four grown children. Then the calls start coming in, all "can't make it." You see the sadness and let down after his great effort to get his family together. But instead of wallowing in his disappointment, he decides to go and see "what's going on" with his children, trying to make it a surprise visit. This is the interesting part, his children are obviously afraid of his disapproval and act accordingly. The result,the children have no time for him and even keep a secret about their brother. So many parents will relate to this movie! Sad to say, this is reality played out. We learn the truth along the film - There are deep emotions and more real-life family baggage than most will care to admit.

Aside from the mostly atrocious music, this one is an emotional tug-fest that will stimulate a bit of self-analysis from all parents. I would definitely recommend seeing this one... base on personal interest. Mum I will be back soon...

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