April 12, 2010

A Good Catch Up

It has been a while we didn't catch up since before CNY, thought Full House would be a relaxing place to catch up among each other and is near by each other. But who knows, it was so packed and I feel like I'm in the fish market. We are pretty early but the place was packed with with families and birthday groups - good sign for biz but not good enough for relaxation. The food is so-so and I would reconsider again if I would like to go there for my next dinner: lunch time was OK.

Curry Mee - A lot of ingredients but too salty
Chicken Chop - Looks big but nothing to shout about
Another type of chicken dish
Fried Chicken - OK

1 comment:

ZoolFeekrie said...

owh my gosh..so delicious and makes my stomach melts...hey ken, why nowadays u didn't ask me for dinner?