April 19, 2010

Another Weekend Food Escape

Time flies - another weekend has gone by and here are some places I visited during the weekend. Nothing much, just try to get out from KL and spend more time with the nature but food is a must! hahaha Month of April almost come to the end and many things has happened even my beautiful housemate is in Kota Singa now, arghhh hard to believe we all have wings to fly now. Wish everything change before the times-up! Enjoy you all with the yummy food!

Otak-Otak Place
Ribena Longan
House Fried Rice - Delicious!
Rojak Mee Mamak - Nice Kuah but 1 of the ingredients almost stale

Satay Kajang Haji Samuri
Mouthwatering Satay!
Restaurant Deco

Many has commented, this particular restaurant is the best among all outlets

Penang Food - Interstate
Acar Fish - My Mum Cooks Better!
Lemak Laksa - Swee Kong Coffee Shop used to have better Lemak Laksa


ck lam said...

Ribena longan is cool...nice new combination for me.

ksc:nick said...

CK... you should try out the mixture I informed you earlier ya :) refreshing!

taufulou said...

see also lau nua..beh tahan..wish they got delivery so can enjoy..hehe`

ksc:nick said...

ur right... next time should give them proposal of deliver 24 hours :)
thanks for visit, your blog full of food - i always visit

BenHerman said...

Bring me! :p