March 9, 2011

Little Taiwan

It was a Sunday – the day for my car to go for a shower and for me to enjoy the day with movie and food. Usually I will either go to Damansara or Subang for car wash & spend my day there while waiting for my car to be ready. Decided to go to Damansara where I can kill many birds with one stone: car wash, Ikea, cinema and food is all under one roof. While my car going thru the process of cleaning, we enjoyed our brunch at Little Taiwan before the movie starts. Here are some of the pictures taken during the brunch and it was just a “so-so” taste compare to what I’ve tried before at Mid Valley and Avenue K when they do serve four legs creature (pork). I’ve even notice that their signboard has changed from orange to green colour. This is all due to our Malaysia’s multi racial society and the management decided to reformulate their Taiwanese cuisine into Halal where it can be accepted by all races. If I’m not mistaken the Mid Valley branch still under the sign of non halal – give it a try.

The above pix is taken from
Salted Chicken - Missing something here....
Special Stewed Rice Set - Not worth it
Special Stewed Rice - This is much more worth it

After meal, movie is the next and it was just below my expectation – The Adjustment Bureau. A sci-fi thriller (combination of Inception and Bourne Identity) but it was just for Matt Damon fans. He did well in those Bourne Identity franchise and fall flat on this movie but Emily Blunt did her part well and looks beautiful. Then I continue my journey with window shopping and etc...... Look forward to my blue MONDAY ...

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