March 17, 2011

Dim Sum Yum Cha at Kuchai Avenue

KL: Will your morning be prefect without any breakfast, yes or no? The answer is NO especially when we are in Malaysia & ... what will you have for your breakfast? For me I love variety with value for money just like this post below – Dim Sum Restaurant. This Dim Sum Yum Cha Restaurant is located not far from where I stay and they serve yummy Dim Sum at reasonable price. Ask for the boss and he will get you the delicious Dim Sum which you can’t find from the menu. Don’t believe me then give it a try for yourself...

The Restaurant View
The VIP Area - Spacious and Nice
Menu & Set up
Iced White Coffee - original from Ipoh
Orange in Color with Salted Egg Fillings
Siew Long Pau - Yum Yum
Har Kow - Fresh Prawn, Cant let it go...
Siew Mai - Delicious
Wrap Wan Ton - Irresistible
Fried Stuff
Chee Cheong Fun with Fillings - Order 1 more pls
Special Soup - Healthy
Porridge - NICE
Fried Stuff - OK

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