March 15, 2011

Hanare Authentic Japanese Restaurant

March 10th 2011: Time to celebrate the birthday for Robin whom I know for years since childhood. We have celebrated many birthdays together, be it simple, complicated or posh, we been there and done that together with friends. This year is without any exception, we did it again at one of the new Japanese Fine Cuisine Restaurant in the city centre. The fun is that the dinner is just 3 of us with the rest of the crew that work there... Hanare is quiet, calm and secluded Jap Restaurant which serves authentic Japanese cuisine and is good for those who like privacy when they dine. The seafood is all fresh all the way from the east and it simply cannot get any fresher than this. Many has reviewed this Jap Restaurant is not to be missed dining place and stand out from the rest when comes to serving. Hanare do serve buffet with the WOW factor! Give it a try if you are Jap food fans!

Robin & Sam

Walkway from the entrance
The View
Simple yet nicely set up

Soft Shell Crab California Roll
Egg Custard
Tiger Prawn

Get ready to be surprised, the chef is creative..
Thanks to RT! To ST you are good in finding great dining place.


Robin Tew said...

i like this M.....melerts!

ksc:nick said...

you like it, OMG im so thrilled...MH like this post :)