December 1, 2010

surprise! SurPriSE! SURPRISE!

KL Today: I could not believe it has been 4 months since the last time I open my blog for update. It was a surprise when I found out my blog was under Datin Sharifah Shawati blog in My Blog List. This must be a jackpot day for me to have her to read and follow my blog. Who is Datin Sharifah Shawati, let me brief you in fast forward ... but before I explain who she is let me tell you that she was 1 of my idol as I admire her as an icon in the celebrity industry. Ok, let’s go into details who she is in real life beside an icon.. She is an image consultant trained in London, a member of Image Consultants International, an anchor news TV presenter for 13 years, a talk show host, an author, a model and a successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Datin and to all who take your initiative to read and follow my blog, I would not disappear from here again starting today. I will work hard and write more for all of you to enjoy and discover the reality world. I feel good to share to all of you, take care and luv!


lavender said...

OMG U are famous liao. congrats and pls don't abandon this blog, OK?

ksc:nick said...

dear ... im not famous , im just lucky and i will continue to write ya.. keep on support me as Im your daily reader too :) mucks!

Robin Tew said...

Your a celeb Ken! You were once a Celeb PR and you will always be one shinny star!

ksc:nick said...

hey robin,
u must be mistaken to the other ken..
who have his owe beauty line, he is celeb. im just normal citizen .. but i would like to follow your foot step too hehhee thanks for dropping by as im one of your follower too :)