December 8, 2010

Plan B @ Bangsar Village I

I’m just too lucky to be invited by my BFFF to have a chit chat session with him and didn’t know that he also invited one of my blog follower and she is my idol too (datin shawati), total 4 of us enjoying a great chit chat session and drinks. After the long chit chat session we went to Bangsar to end our evening before resume back to work. But Bangsar was so packed and it caused us to just stick to the place where we park our vehicle instead of going out to look for a dinner place. So since we can go for our plan A we opts for Plan B – a new dinning outlet at Bangsar Village I. It looks like an Americanised dinning outlet based on the overall outlook and deco but you will be surprised that they do have Malaysian touches. Plan B should deserve a good compliment on their F&B from appetizer to desert but they just need to fine tune their service (I should not complaint as new born baby should have their space of improvement). You will understand why I say they should get a compliment after you scroll down for the pictures. Thumbs Up - try it out if you at Bangsar or nearby. Bon appetite!

Datin Shawati & Robin Tew
Interior Deco
Overall Outlook
Distilled Water
Nonya Laksa - Thick and Yummy
Salad - Healthy
Nasi Ayam Masak Merah - Delicious
Spaghetti Bolognese - Worth It!

Orange Cake - YUM YUM!
Espresso, Cappuccino & Latte (HOT)


Lily Riani said...

you've made me miss local food

ksc:nick said...

lily.. lets go for a meal :)

Robin Tew said...

I like your post and so honored to be in your page! FAB!

ksc:nick said...

RT thanks for allowing me to input ur pix.. Glad to enjoy the dinner with u and thanks :)