December 2, 2010

Lover's Bridge @ TG Sepat

TG Sepat: 1st Dec 2010: Work Purpose:

I went to TG Sepat for the 3rd time last night with my boss and colleague for work purpose. So where is TG Sepat? TG Sepat is approximately 15 mins away from my work place (Golden Palm Tree Resort) or roughly 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. City folks will link TG Sepat to amazing sunsets, famous beaches, wooden houses, places of interest and SEAFOOD but do not forget the recent murder case happened! It was 6pm when we arrived at TG Sept and straight away to Siang Ji Bird Nest Enterprise to meet up with the owner. Siang Ji Bird Nest Enterprise is a famous tourist destination beside famous for its bird nest. Best of all you even have the chance to sample the product (unfortunately I didn’t manage to snap a picture but I had my share J ) I promise to snap a picture or two on my next visit. After the delicious bird nest, we proceed to the nearby seafood village for a yummy seafood dinner. It was roughly 6:30pm when we arrived at the seafood restaurant – Lover’s Bridge Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant was named after the famous wooden bridge in TG Sepat. The wooden bridge is called Lover’s Bridge – a place for couple dating – as per my picture below. This bridge is actually reached out to the sea side as a jetty for fishery village. Lover’s bridge is not only for couples, but family, senior citizen around the village love to hang out here. . The water bank is not too deep, with few trunks of tree and beautiful sunset. Ok come back to what we have for our dinner: simple fried squid, tau-fu kang (taste just same like shark-fin), steam fish with ginger and steam white colored lala with ginger/chillies – sorry again for not taking any picture on the meal I had but I’ll be back. What great day to end after busy day at work.

Lover's Bridge with Sunset


Taufulou said...

hahah.. Lovers Bridge at Tanjung Sepat.. I though its something like the Taiwan lovers Bridge!

ksc:nick said...

huhu u wish my dear bro...
Taiwan is different..this is malaysia version? have you been there?