December 3, 2010

the Facebook or Facebook ONLY!

It was a nightmare for me to be at the curve last night for the social network from my home as the traffic was f***ing jammed up everywhere in Klang Valley - seem like the next day is the beginning of festive season holiday. Anyway I made it to the curve sharp and the social network yet to begin as the collection counter yet to open. We were invited by our Branding and Design Company called “creative tomato”. The social network is all about two friends who began a website that became the fastest growing phenomenon in internet history. The movie starts out in a campus bar with a young couple, Mark Zuckerberg and Erica. Actually, they’re having five conversations because Mark can’t focus on one thing. He’ll occasionally backtrack into a previous conversation within the flow of the current conversation, all while preparing for the next conversation. He’s clearly smart as hell, but the habit makes him incredibly annoying. Mark is so into his own problems, in fact, that he’s completely blindsided when Erica breaks up with him. Convincing himself that he could care less, Mark heads back to his Harvard dorm to do what any computer nerd does he starts blogging about it! “Blah blah blah, Erica’s the biggest bitch whore in the world…” But the dumping ignites Mark’s imagination and he comes up with an idea for a website – a sort of “Hot or Not” which allows Harvard guys to compare Harvard women against each other. The stunt also brings Mark to the attention of Cameron and Tyler: two extremely rich and handsome brothers who are star members of the Harvard row team. Over the next month, however, he starts dreaming up his own variation of the site: a social networking experience built on exclusivity. His site would work like real life. Someone could only know your personal details if they were friends with you. An exclusive network of friends. He called it “TheFacebook.” Mark and his best friend Eduardo come up with the plan – Mark is geek patrol and glues his fingers to the keyboard, Eduardo is business-central and plots the site’s future. The coding wizard needs less than a month to build the site. Eduardo had to go back to New York for an internship. Mark flew to Norcal to rub elbows with Silicon Valley. Little did either of them know that Mark was about to meet someone who would completely change the game. Does the name Sean Parker ring any bells with you? Maybe yes, maybe no. A week alter, they met at a swanky NY restaurant arriving half an hour late. Once gone, Eduardo turns to Mark. “What a douchebag,” Eduardo’s eyes say. But Mark’s googly giddy expression tells a different story. Mark and Parker trick Eduardo into signing a contract that screws him out of hundreds of millions of dollars, effectively firing him. In the process, a friendship is destroyed. Three years later, one was suing the other for 600 million dollars (or 1/30th of Mark Zuckerberg’s worth). It’s a story about greed, about obsession, about our belief that all the money in the world can make us happy. But it’s also unpredictable, funny, touching, and sad. It gives us that rare glimpse into the improbable world of mega-success. So after the movie, I was thinking who should I be if I have a choice - Mark who always care less but genius or Eduardo the guy who is best friend and investor? Then I think I should stand up and create my own signature and am the next youngest billionaire. Daydream again, ouch!

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