June 16, 2011

Tarik Tarek @ Sri Petaling

When comes to dinner, it’s hard to decide where to eat because in Malaysia we are lucky to have variety of food serve: be it Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western or even Fusion to Fine Dining. We usually take a while to decide, just like last night when I drove RT to Sri Petaling for quick bite. There are so many new restaurants for us to choose but we ended up at this newly opened makan place called “Tarik Tarek”.

I believe they just started their operation less than 2 weeks or a month as the place seem to be very clean and there are minor errors here and there where there is still a place for them to improve... Anyhow it was a great place to catch up after a long day at work, the food is good but (just some of the drinks price is a little pricy).

Nasi Tomato with Ayam Masak Merah – Delicious

Robin’s Chicken Chop – Yum Yum

Come and try it out for yourself and let’s make the F&B industry gloom without a full stop.


陳同學 said...

should go there next week ya!


ksc:nick said...

hey david, you should try... :) enjoy!

Robin Tew said...


ksc:nick said...

meletupppppsss ur head!