June 11, 2011

Hai Sang Lou

It was a great Friday as I have the chance to spent time with Cassie and Kelly at resort. Cassie came to our resort for IVC and she is been introduced to our IVC VP for further details and explaination. After the meet up, we went for inspection and then we settled down at 1 of the best F&B outlet (Hai Sang Lou) at Golden Palm Tree for our dinner. In the Mandarin translation of Hai Sang Lou is “above the sea”.

This premise conjures a mystical aura of natural elements that come together in buoyant elegance. Hai Sang Lou is complemented with a variety of table setting, ideal for any type of business meeting enhanced with fine dining setting. Enjoy the best flavours of authentic Cantonese cuisine above sea level off the shores of Bagan Lalang.

Before you tuck into the main courses, wet your palate with any of our steamy delicious dim sum dishes. Our steamer baskets feature a wide selection of dim sum, fried or steamed. Many make arrangements with us for a dim sum treat. Also on our main course are popular piquant Sichuan dishes that lend a twist to the flavours that will linger in your mouth.

Our order, delicious!!! For more info about Hai Sang Lou – www.goldenpalmtree.com

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