June 20, 2011

Palate Palette

Sunday: Time flies really fast and we almost come to the end of June (half year of 2011), spending time with family & friends always create a great memory and tighten up the relationship. Last Sunday we had Alexis and this week we are at Palate Palette @ Bukit Bintang for our tea time – look forward to every weekend to spend quality time with great people.

Palate Palette has been around years ago but this is my first visit and the place does not meet the expectation. Where is the table setting, the colourful corner with flamingo’s, bright corner and everything that I read + saw from the net? The review I read and pictures I browse are totally different from what I had experience. I think they should maintain or make it more happen since there are such demands for the restaurant.

Below are the pictures for your viewing and try the place if you never been there but don’t expect it to be at the top service. The food + drink is OK, give them a credit.

Overall View of the Palate Palette

Reading Corner
Colorful Menu
The Food
Taste like Kentucky - Yum!
Sandwich - I like
Awesome Switches

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