June 15, 2011

Alexis Bistro @ Great Eastern Mall

SUNDAY: A day to relax, rejuvenate and spend time with your buddies, just like what I did for my last Sunday and it was awesome. Look forward to do it more often if time and “kaching” permit. We had a good start at Ficelle for our brunch and then continue with hair-cut & relaxing hair-wash. After a relaxing time spent, we crave for more as we are hoping the Sunday won’t have an end – as Monday is such a boring blue one! Hehe

At first we thought of going to Bangsar to enjoy the evening before heading back home but anyhow Bangsar is too plain... so we opt for Great Eastern Mall where we can have a great time catching up and have a relaxing evening. As usual, when you are at Great Eastern Mall the first thing that come in your mind is Alexis where you can have good food + cosy place + to end your lazy day on a couch.

Alexis is sort of like the more upmarket version of a normal bistro and the dishes appealed to be really good, where you can opt for western or some asian fusion cuisine that will solves the problem in each individual. Anyhow, we go for pizza – as this is always in demand and popular + all the drinks (had the iced chocolate changed to iced blended chocolate immediately when the iced chocolate does not seem to meet the expectation) and end with a cake. Arghhh... yummy!

Good time with buddies and great food... try it out!

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