June 26, 2010

Royal Thai Cuisine

Fried Brocolli
Kerabu Mango - Spicy and Yummy!
Clear Tom Yum - Irresistible
Jack Fruit with Sago and Ice Cream - Amazing Combination!
Fried Durian - Makes you wanna have more
Sawadikah Welcome! Nice Ambience! Exclusive Dinning Room & Royal Thai Cuisine! Not to be missed when you at KLCC.... Check it out the Tom Yam and delicious desserts!


Lavender said...

ice cream looks yummy...is this place expensive. how much per pax roughly

ksc:nick said...

dear... the price is slightly above average but the food is nice, you should try the desserts :) enjoy ya!

BenHerman said...

Good for birthday treats..thx Ken! haha..

ZoolFeekrie said...

wow.....ice cream more to come..super scrumptious licous... Just pray for someone to senf me as a gift..haha (brangan je)