June 8, 2010

Penang with Love!

It has been a while I did not go back to Penang, I think my last trip was back in April for Ching Ming. But I was lucky to be back last weekend and managed to grab some delicious food along the way, many delicious food is without pix as I forget to capture - just here what I have now for your viewing. Promise next time I have to take the pix before I eat them up hahaha... and hope one day we can dine together :)

Homemade Dumpling with Syrup - super DELICIOUS
Wanton Mee in 'loh' - only in Penang, Yummy!!!
Fried Ikan Kembung - Finger licking good!
Ayam Masak Pedas - Delicious!!!
Udang Masak Tomato - eat together with your fingers haha
Kobis Puteh - Yum Yum
The Coconut Roll - Tasty!
Seri Muka - Can't resist to have more
Fried Bee Hoon and Mee with Tau Kua - You will be in heaven when you eat

1 comment:

taufulou said...

damm..u already so fast go bacnk and eat non stop liau ah~