September 20, 2011

KiKi Taiwan Cuisine - Part II

As I mentioned in my previous entry I will be back for more at KiKi truly I’m there for my dinner again. I’m excited as I brought a friend along and inform him the restaurant is “pork free”, when we arrived at the entrance we been greeted and asked where would you like to sit sir – we walk in and settled for a cozy corner with sofa and pillows for our comfort. We were amazed the restaurant is not pack at this hour, may be everyone is rushing to go back and come out again for their dinner. We seated for a while and took some pictures before we get our order done - 3 types of dishes (2 sets and 1 single dish) plus 2 drinks. We notice the customer keeps pouring in after 20 mins from our arrival (based on the 3rd restaurant overview pic). No doubt the restaurant is doing, hope they maintain the quality of the food. Give it a try if you enjoy Taiwan cuisine and for my Muslim readers this restaurant is “pork free”. Remarks: payment by cash below RM100 in total bill.

The cute little menu...
Restaurant Overview - pretty empty

Restaurant Overview - Packed

Three Cups Chicken Set - Delicious!
Fried Chicken - NICE!
Fish Set - Yummy!
Business Card

Ki Ki Taiwan Cuisine
Fourth Level,
426-427, Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: +6
03-2166 9699

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