April 11, 2011

Lone Pine Hotel - Finale

Continue: Here is the room that I’ve visited and the place I have my breakfast! Awesome and I think is worth every penny! I’ll be back for more if the time permits, this luxury boutique hotel is such a heaven for those who look forward to renew and rejuvenate especially with their love ones. The fresh in design that comes with good facilities make this beach side boutique hotel a must visit when you are in Penang. The hotel still infused with the same colonial spirit and idyllic charm makes it the perfect place in terms of creating memories that never to be forgotten.

The Bungalow Restaurant
Below: Overall view of the restaurant

The Garden view of Bungalow
The pathway to the room
In the room
Colorful bed
Inside Out View
The awesome outdoor bath tub
Facing the TV
Private Room
Modern shower room
Below: Hotel Souvenirs

Till my next trip...


Robin Tew said...

SO nice and refreshing! I just love the "KENALEE" experience.....very seductive bed! OMG!

ksc:nick said...

ye kan.... kenali la malaysia... OVER!

FOODnTRAVELla said...

wow...so luxuries, harganya berapa satu malam?

ksc:nick said...

harganya tak mahal la... ok ok jer... http://www.lonepinehotel.com/

ML said...

Wow... meletups letups....

ksc:nick said...

let it letups ML... mmg nak ia letups pun.. kan tak dpt letups kat oversea letups kat local lol... hahah