April 26, 2011

Burlesque, HOP, Love and Other Drugs

To watch a movie is not that hard compared to reading a book – recently these are the movies that I have watched and I think they are good at their own genre, musical, thriller, romance and animation. Here to share my personal review and hope you might want to watch the movie after you read the review. Will keep active and promise to have more reviews...

Burlesque: A small town girl (Ali) with big voice and big dreams who ran to LA and got a job as a cocktail waitress in the burlesque lounge. Burlesque's outrageous costumes and bold choreography enrapture the young ingénue, who vows to perform there one day. Ali makes friends with the club’s proprietor and headliner (Tess), a dancer (Georgia), finds an enemy with Nikki and wins the eye of bartender musician Jack. With the help of the stage manager and gender bending host, Ali makes her way from the bar to stage. Overall, "Burlesque" is not to be missed for those who like musical genre movie – keep your eyes open wide and you won’t want to miss a single moment as it does have a very sexy cast.

Love & Other Drugs: is a story based on Jamie Reidy’s memoir Hard Sell: The evolution of a Viagra salesman and Maggie Murdock an alluring free spirit who won’t let anyone or anything to tie her down. Anyhow she met him and them evolving into a great relationship by surprise, as they find themselves under the influence of the ultimate drug: LOVE. The movie is not entirely about sex but obviously about what they want to achieve in their lives that leads to the true goals of companionship and love. Kinky scenes and daring flesh-baring from the two leads sure keep you laughing with small tears of genuine emotions as the movie progresses. Watch it alone or with your love one and I’m sure you will be drugged after the movie, love this movie so much – really interesting.

HOP: Tells of Easter Bunny the teenage son of Easter Bunny, Sr who likes to live in his dream of becoming a drummer instead of taking over the family business – delivery Easter eggs during the eve of the Easter. He leaves his home for Hollywood to pursue his dream and he is hit by Fred O’Hare – an out of work slacker who was driving home. Both have their own dreams in mind to achieve and both learn what it takes to finally grow up to save Easter. This movie will leave you hopping out of the theatre with nothing but a look of satisfaction. For sure is a family movie especially if you have young kids, they will enjoy it so much.

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