November 9, 2011

G3 Kitchen & Bar

We supposed to go for Hummingbirds Cafe but since the cafe only opens till 7pm; we ended up at G3 Kitchen & Bar – on the same row as Alexis along Telawi 3, Bangsar. When we were there, the place was relatively quiet; I tend to feel uneasy when a place isn’t patronized, as that’s a possible indication that the food might not be good. However, the iced cappuccino proved me wrong at the beginning before our main course arrive.

The interior rather chic, with a touch of old-school charm and the jazzy renditions of hits songs were a wonderful accompaniment. Overall nothing to shout about but sufficiently comfortable, just the service is not up to par. As for the menu, there was an average selection of appetizers, main courses, beverages and wines. Apart from selling food, G3 also sells products such as pasta, sauces, chocolate powder and etc...

Front Overview
Behind the Counter
Dining Area - Cool
Wine Area

Drinks - My Iced Cap - BEST!
Seafood Pizza - Delicious
Turkey Sandwich - YUMMY!
Pavlova Cake - NICE...

As a whole, we (robin, alee, sam, adrian and me) were impressed with this new establishment, definitely worth a visit – casual dining, gathering, birthday and so for... hope they buck up on its service. G3 served us great tasting food, of a reasonable quality, for a reasonable price. I wouldn’t mind coming back for more and to try more of the desserts available.

G3 Kitchen & Bar,
19, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2282-8019
Opening Hours: Opens Daily
Halal: Pork Free

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