August 8, 2011

Din Tai Fung

It has been a while since the last meet up as everyone is busy with their work and personal life. But that does not stop us from meeting up just like last Friday at Din Tai Fung. Last Friday was my first visit to Din Tai Fung at Pavilion – Din Tai Fung operated in the year 2007 at The Garden and reached out to Empire Shopping Gallery + Pavilion in 2010. It all begin in the year 1970 in Taiwan where Bingyi Yang, the founder of Din Tai Fung started his business selling cooking oil in a small shop and converted his business into a restaurant selling dumplings + noodles in 1980.

Today, the original outlet still stands on Xinyi Road in Taipei and there are more than 40 Din Tai Fung outlets in 10 countries. Why they maintain as a single outlet? Because they want to bring you the same quality of food and service as good as any other outlets of Din Tai Fung around the world. Maintain their reputation as one of the top 10 Best Restaurant of the World by New York Times. Rest assure you’ll get a similar or better in everything as it is managed by the same management.

I think I should stop on my elaboration about the restaurant and concentrate on our gathering... I was surprised when I saw Ben & Adrian busy taking order by them outside the Din Tai Fung as if both of them work for the restaurant, heheh they actually waiting to be called as the restaurant is fully book when they arrived. I am seriously baffled but I joined them for a while and here are the dishes that we have ordered - absolutely delicious. Bon Appetite!

Ben & Ad busy choosing the dishes
The plaque

Inside view
Below: Pic 1 & 3 by

The Menu
Baby Green Beans - Crunchy
Preserved Veg Noodle
Pork Chop Noodle
Mango Desert - Delicious
Xiao Long Bao - Signature Dish - Great!
Marinated Fish - YUM!
Shao-Mai - Yummy
Shrimp Pork Fried Rice

All in all it was a meal to remember by, with our tummy filled, we happily proceeded with leisure time (coffee @ the loaf) and we actually spent another hour before heading back home. I guess I'll go back again!

Lot 06.01.05, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +603 21488292

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