July 4, 2011

Apong Guan

Penang is called “the food heaven” – simply because you can find food in every corner and they are delicious (from hawkers to restaurants to hotels - Chinese to Malay, Indian to Western) Penang is the place that you must visit when you are food lovers beside you come to the island to relax and rejuvenate.

Last week when I brought mum to specialist, I had the chance to taste the “Apom” or “Apong” (pancake) nearby which is famous, this is merely because there are only 2 stalls that selling and located on Burma Road (in front of SRJK Union). I went for Apong Guan instead of Apom Chooi due to Apong Guan is my favourite since childhood days. The Apong is made of a batter that comprises flour, corn, bananas, eggs and Mr. Guan's secret recipe.

Side view of the stall... RM0.40 ppcs
The making of the delicious Apong

Picture above courtesy by http://www.mytasteheaven.com

I do believe either you buy the Apong from Guan or Chooi the Apong is simply mouth-watering. Dont order 5 pcs/10 pcs, just go for 20 pcs/50 pcs as you cannot stop once you bite the Apong. Try it out when you are in Penang and nearby Burma Road – do be patient as you have to wait for a long time.

Picture above courtesy by http://lifeislikethat.com

Little secret that you might want to know about the Apong Guan and Apom Chooi, they are blood brothers and they might be the last line of mini apong sellers as their sons are unwilling to carry on or inherit the business.

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