May 6, 2011

Spicy Girl Restaurant (Lameizi)

After many days of hard work back in Penang, here is the reward ... gathered with school friends. It was a great catching up even thou the time spent was not that long but what’s more important is the delicious food that we had at this simple double storey restaurant located at Nagore Place. The name of the restaurant is pretty catchy “Spicy Girl” – sounds interesting but it serves fine steam boat with wide selection of soup (8 types) & fresh dishes (129 types). The restaurant is pretty cosy and air-conditioned – no sweat whiles you enjoying the delicious food. Overall the restaurant is a must visit place for those who like steam boat and the price is at average range: waiter & waitress is very friendly: menu is in Chinese and English: must try is the Spicy soup steam boat (find out yourself). Enjoy!

Awesome view at Nagore Road

Pictures 3 - 6 courtesy by
Pink neon light signboard
The main entrance
Simple and nice
Yummy groundnuts...
Spicy Soup - Delicious - Try for yourself (P E D A S!)
Clear Soup - Yum Yum
Variety of fresh dishes

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