March 27, 2010

Celebrity Fitness Grand Re-Launch Gala Night & Zouk 6th Anniversary Party

It was party night for kl yesterday - CONGRATS!! to Celebrity Fitness & ZOUK for being such a leader in your own field. I was at the Celebrity Gala Night and it was full house - just like Malaysia Celebrity gathering instead of re-launch of the club. Totally superb night with great performance and thumbs up for my dear friend Michael & Hafiz for chairing the event as it went very smooth even the heavy rain can't spoil the night. You rocks! As for ZOUK, I was unable to attend due to the time consuming but I'm sure everyone at ZOUK had a great time. Cheers! Here are some pix taken during the celebration. Enjoy!
Celebrity Fitness Re-Launch Gala Night

ZOUK Invitation


Robin Tew said...

WOW GLAM M! duk busy buat blog tapi tak reply BBM! hmmmmmm :( :( :( miss you mama and have a great day in KL! Do take care of alee ya hehehehe

ksc:nick said...

where got WOW GLAM! gosh.. blogging is part of my job now hahhaa.. safe journey and pg ppl will give u red carpet!

Robin Tew said...

you too M! I wish you have a safe journey back to Penang this weekend as they have been missing the Queen so so much! You will get red carpet service even you walk up the hill for cheng beng GLAM!!!!!!! Heaven and Earth is under your feet M!